Nixxi is a women's health company on a mission to provide comprehensive and convenient high-risk pregnancy care.

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Pregnancy is becoming more complex

Women are choosing to become pregnant at older ages and with underlying medical complications. A recent analysis by a large national payer revealed a >30% rise in pregnancy and childbirth complications among its members over a 3-year period.

Are you receiving the best preventive care possible?

Nixxi's virtual care platform has three unique components to drive value.

The PopNatal maternal health platform cost-effectively screens for pregnancy-related risks and provides tailored care management. The platform enhances a patient's relationship with her OB/GYN or Nurse Midwife by: (1) identifying actionable risk factors from the beginning of pregnancy, (2) establishing a personalized care plan, and (3) providing convenient subspecialist access on-demand.

PopNatal's AI-based analytics identify your personal risk for pregnancy complications before they occur. The PopNatal Insights report creates a personalized roadmap for prenatal care to minimize your risk factors.

PopNatal screening is simplified to fit into any clinical workflow.

Why Use Nixxi? Because PopNatal outperforms the standard-of-care...

Nixxi's on-demand tele-health services and maternal monitoring programs provide convenient and personalized care to optimize pregnancy health.

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